Eliminate Cockroaches In The Home

Are you embarrassed that you have roaches? You don’t want anyone to know because they will think you’re an unclean person. If this fits you, you have come to the right place to learn the ways of getting rid of roaches. It’s not your fault that roaches are in your home. They can come from a number of sources you have virtually no control over.

Grocery Stores

how big are baby hissing cockroachesRoaches love to eat food. Product is shipped from all over the world to grocery stores. It only takes one supplier to infest a lot of other suppliers. The most popular way people bring roaches home is in a paper grocery bag. Why? Roaches like paper. They can also be found in other paper products at the grocery store like beer and soda cases.


A lot of apartment dwellers go to Laundromats. And, apartments are known for having roach problems. When you go to the Laundromat, a roach might just tag along in your laundry. Maybe he/she is looking for a cleaner home to pursue. Be careful when going to the Laundromat.

Mice Droppings Or Cockroach Droppings

First of all, don’t buy a used appliance unless you really have to or you know it’s from a clean home. Roaches love appliances. They make their home in microwaves, ovens, fridges, and even washers and dryers. Don’t try to save a few dollars. Don’t ever take a used appliance from an apartment complex. You are just asking for some roach trouble.

Shipping Materials

Roaches love wood and paper and these are very common shipping materials. If a warehouse is infested you can be sure some of the critters will make it to your place of business. That’s why it’s important to always put out some boric acid bait paste. For one reason, if some roaches show up they won’t survive long enough to infest the premises.


If you are in dwellings attached to your neighbors homes, if one person brings them in they can easily spread without detection for some time. To keep them out of your home, keep water and food sources sealed. The roaches will tend to make their nest where there is the most water and food. If you want to get rid of all the roaches, you will need to treat your neighbors homes as well.


Hot humid areas have a larger concentration of roaches living outdoors. In some cases, they can come in from your yard. Some people use a boric acid bait mixed with fertilizer to eliminate the outdoor roaches.


Fortunately there is a low cost effective solution. It is called boric acid roach bait. We call if MRF 2000. It is effective against roaches for up to one year and easy to apply.

What is the best home-made way to kill cockroaches?
What’s the best home-made way to kill cockroaches? Ok…so I live in an apt where the management has decided to completely ignore the fact that my.

Who do you share your home with?
Cockroaches are large insects. They can range in size from 10-23mm in length. They have two sets of wings and long antennae. They are nocturnal and hide in drains, cookers and cracks. 

How To Rid Your Home of Cockroaches
Get rid of cockroaches in your home with a few simple preventive and helpful measures.

Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches
A Low Cost, Efficient, Effective, And SureFire Way To Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches.

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