How Can I Get Rid Of A Bad German Roach Infestation

Getting Rid Of Roaches

If you think the only good roach is a dead roach, you’re wrong. For even dead roaches can cause harm in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

Scientists say the dead roach’s eggs, shell, blood and digestive enzymes can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, particularly asthmatics. These potential allergens can remain in the environment long after the roach has died.

what gets rid of german roachesBrian Key, chief of allergy and clinical immunology at the University of Kentucky, said about 60 percent of asthmatics are allergic to roaches. The usual victims are laboratory workers, students and field workers who are frequently exposed to roaches dead or otherwise, according to Dr. Francois Haas and Sheila Sperber Haas in ‘The Essential Asthma Handbook’ with photos of really bad cockroach infestations.

"A report by the US Agricultural Department cited studies which show that millions of people are allergic to cockroaches. Reactions can range from a runny nose and skin irritation to difficulty in breathing, shock, and in extreme cases, even death," said the editors of ‘Health Alert’, a publication of the Health Action Information Network.

To crack down on roaches, here are some suggestions from ‘Insect and Rodent Control Through Environmental Management: A Community Program’ published by the World Health Organization (WHO):

Avoid dampness within the house, especially in the kitchen and near water pipes and sinks. Repair leaking faucets, make sure the drainage is working, and avoid spilling water.

Keep the house clean and tidy. Clothes and other household articles should not be kept on the floor.

Store food in close containers or keep it inside closed cupboards. Household refuse should be placed in closed containers and disposed of properly.

Improvements inside the house can eliminate the hiding places of roaches. Plug cracks and crevices in walls and floors.

Keep yards and vacant lots clean. Articles which are no longer used should not he placed there.

Make adequate arrangements for both liquid and solid waste disposal in the community.

Aside from this, the following measures are recommended by ‘Consumer Reports’:

remove clutter – newspapers, piles of boxes, and so on from areas where you’ve seen roaches.

Outside, trim bushes near air vents to keep roaches from getting into the house.

Don’t leave pet food out for long. (Next: Bloodsucking bugs.)

To strengthen your body against diseases that bugs bring, take Immunitril – your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy immune system.


How to get rid of german roaches
Can you tell me how to get rid of german roaches? I’ve had them for the past two years and I keep spraying and spraying but they never seem to die. I know I have killed a lot but after a few weeks they’re back again.

Roaches and how to get rid of them
Still, they make great test subjects for insecticides, because if a product can kill a roach, it can take out anything on 6 legs, and nobody cares what happens to the test roaches. So, how do we getting rid of roaches? 

Roaches and how to get rid of them
Many times roaches are not the only problem in the home. To get rid of fleas the only way to go is with Insect Growth Regulators that also work on the juvenile stages of the roach. 

What gets rid of german roaches
I’ve been killing german roaches for the past 2 months and I’m getting tired of it. Can I ever get rid of them?

Borax dust for german roach control
Good luck! I have to say that I fully expect you’ll be able to get rid of this roach problem because you are taking a "pro active" stand and treating aggressively. Smart move for sure! 

3 easy steps to get rid of German roaches
There you have it, 3 easy steps you can take to rid yourself of German roaches. I purposely made it as simple as I could but I would warn you. 

How to permantely get rid of german cockroaches?
The german cockroaches are absolutely horrible and impossible to get rid of. They are lightening fast and can climb walls and escape into the tiniest cracks. They breed very quickly and lay the most eggs out of all the roaches.

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  1. […] How can i get rid of a bad german roach infestation? Often, asthma is triggered by roach dust even after the roaches are gone. Clean the house thoroughly by wiping up the roach dust. Use an old, damp cloth that can be thrown away after use. Dead roaches, droppings, and eggs sacks are all evidence you can find after an infestation. The roach dust needs to be vacuumed up and the vacuum bag disposed of. If possible, use a HEPA vacuum cleaner, a HEPA filter, or a water vacuum cleaner to avoid the risk of dust particles going back into the air. If the person doing the cleaning has asthma, he or she should wear a dust mask. Once the roaches are gone and the dust is gone as well, your home will be cleaner, it will smell better, and it will be free of asthma causing irritants. […]

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