How To Kill Roaches – Precautions

Most of the population will agree that roaches are filthy, disgusting insects. In fact there are about 4,000 species of roaches with only about 4 of them being known as pests. Roaches are some of the hardiest insects on the planet and some are capable of living several months without food, or on very limited resources. Some can even go without air!

kill german cockroachRoaches are the most common insects known as pests to humans. They carry bacteria that can be dangerous to humans. Roaches are also linked to allergies and asthma. They carry microbes on their body surfaces that produces tropomyosin, a protein that causes allergies and asthma. So, how do I kill roaches?

One of the best ways of getting rid of roaches is to take preventive measures. Roaches like warm climates and sources of food. Keep foods stored in airtight containers, and use garbage cans with tight lids. You’ll also want to keep kitchen area clean and vacuum frequently. Just remember, that even if your home is spotless, the smallest crumb can attract roaches. You’ll also want to seal any entry ways (holes in basements, around baseboards, etc.) and repair any leaking water lines.

Gels and baits are also widely used containing hydramethylnon or fipronil, both of which are toxic to roaches. Boric acid powder and products containing deltamethrin or pyrethrin are also effective in killing eggs.

One treatment used in Russia is after opening all cupboards and cabinets is to burn a pot half full of sulfur on a gas ring. Wearing a gas mask the pot is turned off and the residence is deserted for a few days. This treatment is said to be effective for up to 10 years.

Natural parasites and predators are also effective in getting rid of roaches. Examples of these are wasps and the house centipede. These both feed on eggs as well as adult roaches, but most people find that this treatment is objectionable.

What cockroaches react to? A simple homemade way to kill roaches is a water jar. Simply fill a jar half way with water and some type of bait, coffee grounds are a good choice and place next to walls or baseboards. The roaches will crawl in and can’t escape.

Get a professional grade pesticide or liquid concentrate. Liquid concentrates are used by being sprayed, wiped, or mopped onto just about any surface. They are effective up to 1-2 weeks and work well as a prevention method. Professional grade pesticides are available on the Internet. These are usually sprayed around your home and in basements. They kill adult roaches and eggs and leave behind residue that can be effective up to 3 months. Any chemical treatments can be harmful to humans, especially children, and pets so be sure to follow all directions carefully.

Kill roaches (but not your pets)
I wrote to a pet columnist asking for a product that I could use to get rid of bugs but not hurt my pets. I thought that would be a great question and one that needed answering, but my question lay dead in his slush pile.

How do I kill Roaches?
Q. How do I kill Roaches? A. If you live in Lancaster or York PA, you will usually see one of about four species of roaches. We normally deal with American cockroaches, German Roaches, Brown Banded Roaches, and Oriental Roaches.

Salamanders to kill Roaches?
Obliviate them! Can’t spray, no chemicals, boric acid hasn’t worked. I bou fef ght a used Refrigerator and right about the same time I got new neighbors. Not sure which is to blame, but now my house is absolutely infested with roaches.

Kill roaches with sweetness
Mix sugar with boric acid powder and place in corners and the backs of refrigerators and other pieces of furniture where roaches like to travel. The sugar makes the acid appetizing enough for the roaches to eat. 

Kill Roaches Without Killing Your Family!
Hydramethylnon and many other commercial chemicals used to kill cockroaches and other insects are toxic, potentially carcinogenic, persistent in your home environment and JUST SIMPLY MAKE ME NERVOUS TO HAVE AROUND!! THEY ARE VERY TOXIC.

How to Kill Roaches on Your Garden
If you are really getting nuts over the annoying roaches on your garden, its time to find a solution for your problem. In order to kill roaches successfully, spray them down with an oil and water mixture.

Spray the Bugs Away
Whether you are looking for a bug spray for your skin or one to kill creepy crawlies in your home, check out our list of the top searched bug sprays. The top searched bug spray on our list, Off, sprays directly on your skin to protect you … On the other hand, Raid bug spray (No. 2) helps protect your home from larger pests, like hornets, spiders and roaches. 

Hit cockroach killer spray
Are cockroaches. It only makes the cockroach “dizzy” and you need to manually kill the roaches. But that is ok with me since my primary concern are mosquitos.

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