Kill Bed Bugs

Learning How To Kill Bed Bugs

A great deal of publicity has been in the news lately regarding bed bugs. A pest that has not been on the American scene for many years has now become a common problem in many homes. A great deal of this has been blamed on travel, both locally and abroad. It is said that they will climb in one’s suitcase to be escorted home and become a household resident. To kill bed bugs is harder than getting rid of cockroaches.

Kill Bed Bugs

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If one is staying in a hotel and wakes up to find a number of bumps on the skin that are red, swell and itch, it is a sure sign that there are bedbugs present. They become active at night and usually bight exposed areas, namely the hands, arms, face and nick. At times there will be several bites in a straight row. If scratched, the area can become infected. Needless to say, when arriving home from such a trip, everything in the suitcase should be washed in hot soapy water and the suitcase, itself, disinfected.

Previous to World War II bed bugs were very common in many households. At that time DDT pesticides were developed and used, which resulted in them almost being completely eradicated. Due to the restrictions on this type of insect control, the bed bugs have returned in force.

There are three different species of bed bugs and they feed by sucking blood and from animals and humans. While that they may be clear in color originally, they turn red when they are full of blood. They can live any where in a house but mainly they will be found around the bed, in the mattress, frames or springs. They often leave dark spots, from their feces on the bed sheets or near where they are residing.

Their small, flattened body allows them to easily crawl into cracks and other convenient places. They are not just found in hotels and homes but in places such as restaurants, offices and any place where it is convenient. At times their presence can be detected by a ‘sweetish odor’, as well as molten skins, eggs and egg shells.

However, these bugs can also reside in any textiles, furniture that is upholstered, curtains, wicker furniture and almost any place that has a convenient opening. They can go for long period of time without food and still multiply. Sometimes people moving into homes that have been vacant for many months will find bedbugs present.

Getting rid of bedbugs is no easy matter. Deep cleaning is a good way to start. Heavy cleaning and vacuuming, taking one’s bed apart and other such things are suggested. Unfortunately, these pests can rapidly spread throughout the entire house which makes it very difficult to do.

There are a number of sprays, dusts and other insecticides that advertise to get rid of them but these products do not always work unless they are applied to every crack and crevice where the bugs might appear. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to discard one’s entire bed, mattress, frame and all. If all else fails a pest control expert may have to be called in before they can be completely eradicated.

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