Natural Roach Killer

No one likes to see any kind of insects in their home. Whether it is ants, flies, fleas or cockroaches, they all are unpleasant to have around. In addition, they get into food stuffs and are not clean. Cockroaches are one of the worse and the people looking for a way of getting rid of cockroaches would like to use a natural roach killer.

Natural Roach Killer

Natural Roach Killer Photo by Helga Weber via Flickr

Cockroaches are attracted by leaking pipes and food stuffs that are not in containers. They do not like light and many times people are unaware of their presence until they come into the kitchen at night and turn on the light. At that time, it is a sickening sight to see these black bugs running in all directions. Unfortunately, they can enter the smallest of places and build a nest where the females lay eggs to produce quite a large colony.

These insects also carry bacteria on their bodies and are a health hazard. They can cause human illnesses such as allergies, asthma and other problems. They are a special danger to people who are in frail health. This is one reason all kitchen counters should be washed every day with some kind of sanitary solution when roaches are present.

In addition to leaving a slimy trail with their feces, they also produce a strong odor. This odor can appear on utensils, clothing and other things around the house. If there is a heavy infestation this odor is readily apparent when one enters the room.

To get rid of these pests in a natural way, and keep them away, there are a few things a person can do. All food stuffs need to be in containers, the kitchen and other areas should be kept very clean, with frequent vacuuming. In addition, it is important that any leaking water pipes be repaired.

There are a number of natural roach killers that have been found to be effective. A very popular one is to mix equal parts of borax and sugar, spreading the mixture around the baseboards, cracks and other places where they may appear. They are drawn to the sugar and the borax attacks their digestive system and kills them. Since roaches like dark and hidden places, if this is placed on high places, such as tops of cupboards (if there is a space between the cupboards and the ceiling) they will carry it back to their nests and it will kill the ones that are there.

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth in cupboards and other places where the roaches might be is also suggested. It is said that the particles of earth cut the exoskeleton and kills the insect withing 48 hours. However, this type must be repeated several times to be sure all have been killed.

Catnip, in small bags, placed around the infected areas is also recommended. Another way to use it is to make a spray and spray those same areas. This is not recommended if there is a cat in the house. Spraying roaches with soapy water is said to kill them but this seems as if it might be a little difficult to do. Garlic, bay leaves and cucumber slices on cupboard shelves, while not a killer, are said to be a deterrent to their taking up residence.

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