Roach Exterm – How To Stop Roaches

So, you have a roach problem. No big deal. So do lots of people. But, maybe yours is a little different.

Maybe that roach motel isn’t working as well as it used to. Maybe you’re tired of seeing the blasted creatures just when you thought you gotten them all killed off. Perhaps your house is home for a new species of cockroach that is seemingly immune to all your hard work and efforts to see them off.

If all these are the case, you’re likely considering getting professional roach elimination help, that is, an exterminator. Before you pick up that phone, though, consider whether you’ve taken all the right steps to help you on how to get rid of roaches. Roach extermination isn’t cheap, and the chemicals it can leave behind are not always pleasant, so you want to make sure that you’ve done everything you need.

Most people give up too quickly on their efforts to kill roaches because they aren’t doing the right things. Roach motels and roach spray do work, but to really kill roaches, you’ve got to break out the big guns: boric acid. Boric acid is a powder you can buy at the store which is quite toxic to cockroaches. If you haven’t already, buy yourself a big box of this, and start spreading it at strategic locations around your house. Focus on the cool, dark, damp places roaches like. Also, roaches like to walk with one side of their body against something, so you can take advantage of this by placing the powder along edges (such as your baseboards).

how to stop roachesGetting rid of cockroaches in my compost. Don’t be shy with the boric acid. Placed effectively and consistently, you will find you have a major roach apocalypse on your hands. However, for some people, this might not even work. At this point, you may feel safe in going ahead and calling up an exterminator. The only other option is to get a cat that will hunt and eat the roaches for you. This can be quite effective, but if you’re not interested pet ownership, this isn’t a good option.

When shopping for a local exterminator, be sure that you try to find a well established company that will know how to deal with the unique special concerns of your roach population. The longer the company has been around, the more likely it is to be good, but don’t discount newcomers if you hear something good. After all, you’ve fought long and hard against these roaches, you need someone who can help bring in the big guns and finish the job effectively.

I hired an exterminator to get the roaches out of the house
Health : Today, I hired an exterminator to get the roaches out of the house I am renting. I came back from work and went to my bathroom, noticing that he used … Read more. 

Exterminator recs. for roaches in kitchen
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How to stop roaches
Ya, I dunno any chem-free way to get rid of roaches. My best friend’s mom is an exterminator-she gave me all kinds of info when we bought our house 5 years ago and I saw some roaches. 

Roach exterm
Today, I finally got some sleep after an exterminator came yesterday and took care of our roach problem. I woke up and kissed my boyfriend good morning. Frowning, he told me I had something stuck on the corner of my mouth.

Roach Exterminator Tips
Obviously, following the advice of your professional exterminator with regard to roach damage is critical to avoid serious structural problems. 

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