Roach Traps

Searching For The Proper Roach Traps

There is nothing more distressful to a homeowner than discovering that they have cockroaches in their house. These pests concentrate in the kitchen and dining room area, where there is food, and around leaking water pipes, for water. When first discovered all the homeowner can think of is getting rid of cockroaches and how to do it. One possible solution is roach traps.

Roach Traps

Roach Traps Photo by Ben Leto via Flickr

The history of these pests goes back thousands of years with evidence found in various archaeological digs around the world. They come in a large variety of sizes and colors with the largest one weighing 50 grams and located in Australia. Fortunately, the American native is not so large, is black and is approximately 1/2 inches long. They are fried and considered a delicious snack in Cambodia and are crushed and used as medicine in some other parts of the world.

Keeping one’s kitchen and dining are clean at all times and seeing that food is either in a container or in the refrigerator or freezer is the first step in avoiding them getting established. However, a cockroach can go a month without food and a week without water if necessary. Since their body carries bacteria, that can cause human health problems, all kitchen counters, stoves and so forth should be periodically washed with a sanitary solution.

The female cockroach does not need a male to produce fertile eggs. However, it is interesting to note that these eggs, when hatched, will only produce females, not males. These nests are established under baseboards, in cracks and other hiding places where they cannot be seen.

There are a number of natural and commercial cockroach killing materials shown on the Internet. Some of the very popular ones are roach traps. These traps are filled with a gel like material which the cockroach carries back to the nest. This material not only kills the roaches but the eggs as well.

These roach traps are usually in the shape of boxes and are set in various places throughout the kitchen area that is convenient to these pests. The activity will take place at night, after the lights have been extinguished, as they do not like light. Many homeowners have been very surprised to come into the kitchen, at night, for a drink of water, turned on the light and saw all these little black insects running wildly about. Not a pleasant sight.

In selecting traps for roaches it is important that all the literature appearing on the container be read before making a purchase. This will warn about any dangers that might be involved, how long before the roaches are gone and if they will stay gone. Care should also be taken to note what it says about exposure to children and pets.

Cockroaches are an insect that is easy to acquire and often very difficult to get rid of. One must be consistent by following through with all directions and, if necessary repeating the process more than once. Many of the roach traps available will last for several weeks and can do a thorough job of complete elimination. The history of any such product can be checked out on the Internet.

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