Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

For getting rid of roaches most pest control experts suggest two common methods.

Get Rid Of RoachesFirst of all the cracks and holes which the roaches could use to get into the house should be sealed off. Even very small holes are enough for roaches to come through, and hence it may be difficult to block all roach entrances.

Secondly you should keep your home clean. This will definitely prevent roaches from being attracted. If you leave food or garbage out in the open it is bound to attract roaches. All the food should be covered and sealed; counters and tables should be cleaned and wiped after eating and cooking.


All dirty dishes should also be washed promptly. Even tiny spots of grease attract roaches and can become food for them.In order to get rid of them use chemicals as a last resort. Some natural methods can be tried too like making a mix of sugar and baking soda, half and half. Just make the mixture and leave it in the dish in the cupboards. The roaches will eat the mixture because it is sweet and will be killed because of the soda. This procedure might take a few days, but the problem of roaches can get solved.


CockroachesIf these simple steps are not successful, you have to adopt other methods to know how to get rid of cockroaches. You can use traps to kill them and many experts find this method better than using sprays or powders. If no cockroaches have been trapped, you can just move the trap to a new location. In this way you can figure out where the cockroaches are coming from, so that you can use spray or powder treatments in the correct areas if it is necessary.

Do-It-Yourself Options

Most people prefer not to use poisons at home. There are some natural substances like Osage orange oil or eucalyptol which can repel cockroaches. It is best for you to contact an expert who can determine the species of cockroach that is present in your house and which chemicals should be used in the extermination of the pests.

Normal Home Pest Control

For normal home pest control a dust of boric acid, flour and cocoa can be used.  This product is not as dangerous as insecticides, and the cockroaches do not find it very repelling. But it kills them in the long run if you dust a fine coat of it in cupboards, under sinks, around toilets and all cracks, hollow spaces and cracks in the house.

Roach Baits

Roach baits are either put in a childproof case or applied as a gel. The poison is slow-working and is mixed with any kind of attractive cockroach food. All the roaches can be killed if they eat it, because they eat the poison and bring it back to their nest as well.

Prevent Roach Infestation

The best way to keep cockroaches away from your home is to prevent roach infestation. Keep a clean house and there will be no cockroaches to bother you.  Put food away and keep kitchen clean. Repair dripping faucets and leaks, seal all cracks meticulously and lastly use a professional product to eradicate the cockroaches completely.

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